Thursday, February 25, 2010


Hello all,

I love Weddings. This weekend I'm going to my beautiful friend Amanda's wedding. I'm super excited to see her say her "I do's"!

My favorite part about weddings= the cake. Yes, yes, cake so good I'm premeditating the cheating that's going to go on with my Lenton promise. I guess you could say I'm taking my "Sunday" on Saturday. (shhh, don't tell Jeff, he doesn't believe that you can cheat on Sundays). I'm so excited to see my friends and dance the night away. Be warned that you might see some of my ridiculous dance moves.
Some of which include:
The "Get Low"

The "Air Pat" (also known as the Chancellor)

The "Finger in the Air" (a wedding staple)

What can I say? I like to "move it, move it" or possibly "shake my groove thing"? more silly song lyrics here...

Whatever. I'm a dancing fool that likes to eat cake. I think you get the picture.

Yay for Weddings and Yay for Amanda!


  1. i made it into your blog! i feel special :) you're cute. love you!


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