Friday, August 31, 2012

August favorites

Yay! September is here!

Here are some favorite things that happened in August...

1. Jeff and Momma had a birthday

2. We built a deck! (can't wait to put it to use when the weather gets cooler!)

3. We celebrated my friend Erin's upcoming wedding (twice!)

4. We visited the Theta house and watched some neat-o skits

5. I started back at school

6. I started my final fall semester of grad school

7. My friend Anne got hitched

8. I hung out with this little kitty

Things I'm looking forward to in September...

1. Some Sooner football!
2. Jeff says we can go here. I love rides!
3. We celebrate Erin and Connor again at a shower, and also get to celebrate my friend Grace at a bridal shower!
4. We celebrate our first anniversary!!


Here's to the first days of fall!! (my favorite)

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Some Wednesday Words for you...

Here's one of my favorite quotes to get you thinking on this Wednesday:

"People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."  -- Maya Angelou

My friend Erin (right) is the best at always making people feel welcome and loved.
I love this one.  It's so true, and a good reminder to always be kind to people you meet.  People may not remember what you talked about the first time they met you, but they remember a feeling they had after they walked away from you. 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Beautiful Vermont

You may remember from this post that we went to Vermont for a wedding this summer.  It was a super fun time, and it's kiiiiinda fun to look back on it.  We were able to take a detour through New Hampshire on the way to Vermont, and then to Maine on the way back.  We love the Northeast!

Here are some pictures from that adventure.

In beautiful Portsmouth, NH

Dorset, VT

I'm sure one of those beers was empty- right Jeff?

Kennebunkport, ME was such a cute town!

Adorable little candy shop!

At Mabel's in Kennebunkport.  We found out later that we were sitting at the Bush's table! (might have been obvious had we looked at that picture behind us, in which they were sitting around the table....)

whoa, looking at these pictures makes me want to go back!   Now, please.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Showers Showers!

I attended another shower this weekend for one of my best friends (also named Erin)!  I had a really fun time!  Here are just a few pics from the day:

My momma and I
With the Bride-to-be
We thought this book was pretty hil-ar-ious
A bride that loves bacon... what more could you ask for?! :)

It was a really fun time.... plus we got cupcakes.  Love those. 

Friday, August 24, 2012

Some Friday Listening

This song is great.  In my classroom we play a game called "Type that Song".  The kids have to type the lyrics to a song as it's playing.  This will help them gain speed while typing.  I had fun with this one today and I think the kids did too!

It also made me think of and miss the Olympics and my girls "The Fab Five".

Also, an oldie but a goodie :)

The kids loved listening to this song on this glorious Friday!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Spoiled Doggy

Maybe it's the fact that we don't have kids, or just the fact that she's so darn cute... but I've found that I have mass amounts of pictures in my iphone album of our doggy Ruby.  Most of these pictures are of her sleeping, you know, because she does that so well.  And a large majority of those are of her sleeping in our bed.  Yes, I know we are horrible "parents" and probably too obsessed with our little girl.  She just loooooves the bed.  The problem is that we kind of love when she's on the bed too.  The other night she was "cooling off" on the tile floor, we went to bed and when she didn't come in and give her usual bark for us to lift her up (yes, we recognize that's a problem too.  We have to reach down and pick her up because she doesn't seem to think she can jump up on her about a spoiled doggy!)  I found myself whinning that she hadn't come in the room yet and started calling for her to come to bed.  You guys.... it's bad.  and not normal. she's like our child.  we love her.  It's a sickness. It's an obsession.  But we think she's the cutest...

A few pics out of the thousands I have to document this doggy phenomenon-

yep, they all look the same but for some reason I can't stop taking pictures of my sleepy doggy!

We've also determined that she's pretty darn smart too because she not only has us lifting her onto our bed at night (and sometimes during the day) but we've recently discovered that she steals water from our water cups on the nightstand during the night.  I mean, now dog bowls are beneath her or something?  That dog... she has us wrapped around her little paw.

caught ya!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Summer's Over

Summer's Over.  At least for me it is...we started school today.  After working every day for about 2 weeks to get my classroom in order,  I was excited to begin the school year!  What a big adjustment though, to go from not having much of a schedule all summer to being at work all day.  I know you're saying, "hey! I do that every day". And I understand, I did it too.... until I discovered summer break again.  Glorious, magnificent, wonderful summer break.  :)

Here are some pics of my classroom.

Sent this to my husband, just in case he needed some confirmation of my awkwardness...

My new favorite sign.  Enough said.

Kids pull a card and each one tells them something different to do when they are done with their work.  Different levels for all my different grades.

Rewards system.  They put a marble in the jar when their class does a good job that day.
 8 jars for both sections of 1st- 4th grade.

My attempt at leopard print.

I'm ready to go wild about computers this year!

Monday, August 13, 2012

I Love Great Weekends

This weekend was great.  We did lots and lots and honestly it wasn't very relaxing, but it. was. great.  Sometimes you just need those really good weekends that leave you feeling happy and content and this was one of them.  Friday night was one of those rare Friday nights this summer that we didn't have somewhere to be.  It was wonderful!  We hung out for a little bit, and then decided to go here to The Plaza District's "Live on the Plaza".  It was something fun and different, and I got a yummy taco from a food truck, cuz I'm just crazy like that.

I also got to make these delish cinnamon rolls.  They are so yummy!  You can find the recipe here.  It's from one of my favorite blogging ladies- The Pioneer Woman.

Jeff's family was coming in town to help him build a deck in our backyard, so before they arrived on Saturday I headed to school to get my classroom in order.  Because I started in the middle of the year last year, I didn't make any changes to my classroom.  It needed a little somethin' somethin' but I just didn't have much time to work on it. This year I wanted to add some color.  Honestly, there's not much you can do to cute-ify a computer room but alas, I tried.  It looked like this last year...

And now it looks like this....

I like the change.  I think it was good for that little room :)

I headed home on Saturday afternoon to make Jeff's birthday cake.  I was excited to use my new measuring cups (I'm a dork) and I think I had the cutest cake-making helper there ever was!

My precious nephew

Here's a picture of the finished product.  Yes, I realize it's pink.  That's what's so great about my Jeffrey.  He knows that strawberry's my favorite and he claims to like it too, but I have to wonder if it's just a ruse to appease his strawberry cake loving wife.  Jeff, if you're out there- is this true?!

Saturday night, I (Jeff stayed home to work on the deck) went to my friend Anne's wedding.  You might remember another wedding I went to from this post.  I love weddings!  And wedding cake.  I really, really love wedding cake.  I had the beeeeest time at Anne's wedding.  My friends and I danced the night away.  They're just so fun.  And I have fun when I'm with them.  I won't lie, I got a little emo. on Saturday night thinking about how much I love my friends.  Here are some pics from the wedding...

The Bride and her sneaks.

I mean, really... they're so great.

No Words.

Sunday, we relaxed a little bit, I made another cake for my Mom's birthday (she and Jeff share a birthday). We ate both the cakes, and sat on our deck! It really was a good weekend, and it gave me lots of joy to start off this crazy week (school starts on Wednesday!).
I'm grateful for good weekends, good friends and good family.

Pay no attention to the 'rusty table' behind the curtain

Yes, our yard's dead.

Leaning candles on momma's birthday cake.  Texas sheet cake's the best.

One of my favorite moments of the weekend. 

Our Deck!!

 The End.