Friday, August 31, 2012

August favorites

Yay! September is here!

Here are some favorite things that happened in August...

1. Jeff and Momma had a birthday

2. We built a deck! (can't wait to put it to use when the weather gets cooler!)

3. We celebrated my friend Erin's upcoming wedding (twice!)

4. We visited the Theta house and watched some neat-o skits

5. I started back at school

6. I started my final fall semester of grad school

7. My friend Anne got hitched

8. I hung out with this little kitty

Things I'm looking forward to in September...

1. Some Sooner football!
2. Jeff says we can go here. I love rides!
3. We celebrate Erin and Connor again at a shower, and also get to celebrate my friend Grace at a bridal shower!
4. We celebrate our first anniversary!!


Here's to the first days of fall!! (my favorite)

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