Friday, August 3, 2012

Vestring Adventures

My love and I have had lots of opportunities to travel this summer.  We went to Boston (for Jeff's cousin's graduation) and Washington D.C. in the Spring and then a few weeks ago went to Vermont for Jeff's friend Clay's wedding.  We were also able to take a few side trips to New Hampshire and Maine when we were up in that area.  Such a beautiful part of the country!  I'm a history nerd so I thoroughly enjoyed Boston and the freedom trail.  I maybe...might possibly, have made Jeff walk parts of the trail a little more than was actually necessary.  But what can ya do?!  He knew when he married me that I was kind of a dork.  Here are a few pics from that adventure!

* Note- Matching was not intentional, I repeat not intentional

So excited to see Paul Revere's house!

Ya, you better believe those are running shoes I was wearing-- mega tourist style
*Camera bag and map not pictured

I hope we get to go back to Boston sometime soon!

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