Wednesday, September 19, 2012


I locked myself out of the house tonight.  I mean, really..... who does that?  andddd with the stove on, no less!  At least Ruby was with me.  Nothing would have been more annoying than Ruby barking at me through the glass door, as I stood there watching the stove to make sure the house wasn't about to catch on fire.   Like I could have done anything if I did start spotting flames!  Silly me. 

Valuable lessons learned on this one...

Hypothetical situation:  "Mom, why are you standing on the porch?  Why don't you just come inside already?!"

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  1. Ha, I definitely know how that goes being locked out and the dog barking on the inside wanting you to come in. Been there my friend!
    And so glad to hear the house at least didn't burn down!!
    xo TJ


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