Monday, October 15, 2012

Bachelorette Bash

This weekend I had a bachelorette party.  This one was in Tulsa.  We spent the night bowling at The Dust Bowl.  Cute name huh?  Despite the fact that I'm awful at bowling...and I mean awwwwful, it was a really fun night!  I'm so excited Erin is getting married and can't wait for her fun wedding weekend on Saturday!

On Sunday we went on another fun bike ride.  It was gorgeous outside and we had an awesome time riding around my favorite neighborhoods and through downtown. 

Oh ya, and my Sooners won.   I mean realllly won.  What an awesome game to watch! 

Boomer Sooner and Happy Monday Dudes!

I loved the retro bowling alley look!  Erin even manually input our scores, just like the old days :)

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