Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fall Bike Rides

This summer my Grandparents had a garage sale.  I helped out a little bit (and tried to sell a few things of ours).  A few hours into the first day, my Grandfather wheeled out a bike from around the corner of the house.  My Grandmother said she was going to sell it unless I wanted it.  I said uh, yes please!  It's the perfect vintage bike!  I don't think my Grandmother rode it much, it's red, and I'm prrrrretty much obsessed with it...

I'm ashamed to say it didn't get much action this summer (I blame the heat) but tonight was a perfect night to ride it to dinner!  Jeff has his Dad's old road bike, so we make a funny little pair riding down the street.

Now, if only we can find a little basket so Ruby can ride along with us...kidding...kind of.


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