Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween, Gameday, Zoo... Oh My!

We had a lot of fun this weekend at Casa de Vestring.  The weekend started off with a "Wonderland" themed Halloween Party.  Jeff went as the Mad Hatter, Ruby was the White Rabbit and I was Alice.  It was tons of fun.   The fun continued on Saturday with a tailgate in Norman.  We ended up getting tickets to the game and made it through a chilly 2 halves.  Things did not end well for our Sooners and we ended the night with a loss.  More bad news came when we found out that Jeff's favorite Thunder player was traded to The Rockets!  No more Beard in OKC.  WE. ARE. SAD.  Lets just say that's not how we like to end our Saturday nights.  We attempted to  recover from our shock on Sunday with a family brunch and by volunteering at "Haunt the Zoo".  We enjoyed passing out candy to all the little kiddies  (and Jeff may have enjoyed an M&M or two... or three).   Let me just tell you.... Woody is huge this year, along with Buzz and The Avengers. 

Happy Monday and here's to another pretty week in our neck of the woods, but we are praying for all those on the East Coast!  Keep those feets dry Sissy!


My Family (minus my sister)

My "little" brother

Stripe the Stadium


  1. Super cute! Love the party idea and decorations!


  2. just stumbled across your blog, very cute! love your pictures!

    love from NYC,


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