Sunday, August 19, 2012

Spoiled Doggy

Maybe it's the fact that we don't have kids, or just the fact that she's so darn cute... but I've found that I have mass amounts of pictures in my iphone album of our doggy Ruby.  Most of these pictures are of her sleeping, you know, because she does that so well.  And a large majority of those are of her sleeping in our bed.  Yes, I know we are horrible "parents" and probably too obsessed with our little girl.  She just loooooves the bed.  The problem is that we kind of love when she's on the bed too.  The other night she was "cooling off" on the tile floor, we went to bed and when she didn't come in and give her usual bark for us to lift her up (yes, we recognize that's a problem too.  We have to reach down and pick her up because she doesn't seem to think she can jump up on her about a spoiled doggy!)  I found myself whinning that she hadn't come in the room yet and started calling for her to come to bed.  You guys.... it's bad.  and not normal. she's like our child.  we love her.  It's a sickness. It's an obsession.  But we think she's the cutest...

A few pics out of the thousands I have to document this doggy phenomenon-

yep, they all look the same but for some reason I can't stop taking pictures of my sleepy doggy!

We've also determined that she's pretty darn smart too because she not only has us lifting her onto our bed at night (and sometimes during the day) but we've recently discovered that she steals water from our water cups on the nightstand during the night.  I mean, now dog bowls are beneath her or something?  That dog... she has us wrapped around her little paw.

caught ya!

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