Thursday, August 9, 2012

Theta Love

On Tuesday night a couple of my friends and I went to Norman for our sorority's skit night.  We always enjoy going back to the Theta house, but this year it was a little strange.  First of all, we have always gone with a big group from our pledge class but this year only a few of us could go.  We also hardly knew anyone in the house.  This made us feel...well, old.  We were shocked when we realized that we've been out of college almost as long as we were in college, what-the-what?!  Time has flown by!  I go to skit night every year and always have the best time when I'm there, but every year I vow to never go back because it makes me miss college, like.. a lot.  But ya know, this year I've realized that even though I'll never live in that house again with all of my fabulous friends, I'm having a pretty good time right now too!  I need to not look back so much at those wonderful times and need to embrace the wonderful times I'm having in my life right now! 

The b-e-a-utiful Theta house

Jamie with her old mailbox
love them.

Jamie and Christina here

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