Monday, October 22, 2012

We love... Love

Oh MY word, is it the weekend yet?  We are just coming off of a very busy weekend in the Vestring house.  A fun, but busy weekend.  We spent the weekend in Tulsa celebrating the wedding of our friends Erin and Connor.  You know, the Erin from this post.  We drove to Tulsa on Friday and I attended her Bridesmaid Brunch, helped decorate and then rehearsed for the Big Day!  Saturday was spent at the church getting ready for the evening ceremony.  I get a bit nervous with these things but the wedding was beautiful and went so smoothly.  Jeff was a groomsman, and it was very fun to be in a wedding together.  It's just wonderful to see your friends get married and say their vows after anxiously awaiting their wedding for months.  Erin's a dancing fool, so of course the reception was a blast!   We danced to Beyonce like she was going out of style (as if that could ever happen).   

Sunday, we continued to celebrate love with a Couples Shower for our friends Grace and Jeff.  We thought the day after Erin and Connor's wedding would be perfect because our friends were all together in the same town.  Because none of the hostesses lived in Tulsa, we opted to have the shower at a restaurant.  We made the shower a "tailgate" theme so that it went with the restaurant/bar venue.  Despite the stress and craziness of the weekend, the shower turned out pretty stinkin' cute (if I do say so myself).  Our friend Evan had such good ideas when it came to decorating and it all ended up looking prettttty awesome.  We can't wait to celebrate Jeff and Grace in just 3 short weeks! 

Now, on to planning a Halloween and tailgate for this weekend.   More on that later.... but here are some pics from this weekend.

Bridesmaids at the Bridesmaid Brunch

We were decorating fools!

The Bride

"Get Me Bodied, extended version must be played!"
Couples Shower

My Love

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