Monday, February 11, 2013

Birthday and House Guests

This past weekend was my birthday.  Man, I'm getting old.  I was not super excited about my birthday but was lucky that we had beautiful weather!  Having a birthday in February usually means lots of gloomy cold birthdays, but I couldn't have asked for a prettier day!  It was great.

Jeff and I went to dinner on Friday to celebrate, and then Jeff's parents came into town from Tulsa on Saturday to take us to dinner.  It was super nice of them and we had a fun time.  Then on Sunday (the day of my birthday) we went to my parent's for dinner.  We ended up celebrating the whole weekend! 

Jeff's parents stayed with us Saturday night.  We also had another little house guest for a few days last week/weekend while we were puppy sitting.

This is Penny. 

Isn't she a cutie?  And she's such a smart doggie too-  She even has her own blog!

She and Ruby were fast friends.

My friend Jamie took her home yesterday and Ruby has been wandering around the house looking for her ever since. 

I think Ruby needs another friend all for herself don't you?!   :)

Happy Monday Peeps!  Hope you all had a good start to your week!


  1. oh my gosh both those dogs are SO cute. What breed is Ruby? I have been trying to convince my husband we need one so bad :-) how fun!


    1. Mia- She's a mini goldendoodle. We would highlyyyy recommend goldendoodles to anyone looking for a little pup! They are wonderful dogs with great personality and they are as sweet as can be!

  2. I love you auntie erin- thanks fur taking care of me! Tell Ruby I hid that bone for her behind the monkey grass.


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