Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Years Party

For New Years this year we had a progressive dinner party with our friends.  Despite the fact that I was under the weather and couldn't actually participate in the eating of the dinner, we had lots of fun.  Dinner was at our house, and Jeff was a humongo help preparing everything.  I got sick shortly after I started cooking and he had to finish up the lasagna.  He says he had fun making it but I'm sure he was just trying to make me feel better.  Sweet man I have. 

I had seen some tutorials on pinterest on how to spray paint wine glasses and decided that this would be the perfect craft for the party!   

First, I found some wine and beer glasses in the dollar bin at Target.  I picked them up knowing I would have some future use for them.  I mean, they were a dollar! When I saw the pinterest tutorial, I knew I had found their destiny!

I taped them off with blue painters tape.

I wrapped the part that I didn't want painted in tissue paper.

Then took them outside to spray.  (*What I learned during the's best not to spray at night, as it's really hard to see what parts of the glass are being painted. Make sure there is plenty of protection on whatever surface you are spraying or you'll end up with a gold porch...oops.)

(notice the gold cement in the top right of the picture)

Here is the final product!

Below are a few pictures of my tables.  ( I had to add a couple of folding tables to our living room to accommodate everyone.  It was a little crowded but I think it turned out ok.  Just ignore this mismatched chairs!)

Happy crafting!

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